Since 1974, The Energy Advocates have been committed to sharing the truth on energy issues.

The issues that face the energy industry are economic, environmental and involve matters of national security.

Our goal is to raise public awareness and change the public’s perception of the importance of our industry. For too long the news media and other organizations have painted a misleading and false picture of the energy industry. The Energy Advocates continues to educate the public, while improving the industry’s image. This is accomplished through forums, community involvement, speeches, seminars, lunches, quarterly newsletter, media coverage, annual policy conferences and through this website.

Energy is a basic requirement of life. Our quality of life is dependent upon the development of all forms of energy, and the conservation of our natural resources. The facts are clear: energy production and consumption work in concert with the environment.

The Energy Advocates believe in the basic principle that “Nothing Moves Without Energy”. The organization is passionate about presenting the public with facts and solutions to the tough questions on the energy issues that face the United States. Another objective is keeping the membership and general public informed of the changing legislative, environmental and economic issues that impact the energy industry. As the global demands for energy from natural resources respond to social, economic and environmental factors, it is important to continue to inform and enlighten the public about the need for a vibrant energy industry.


Mission Statement

The Energy Advocates mission is to educate the American public about its vital energy industry and energy policy issues in a balanced and unbiased manner.

Vision Statement

The Energy Advocates vision is for America to achieve a clear and balanced energy policy that includes all forms of energy through grassroots initiatives.


“Nothing Moves Without Energy” Theme “America Needs America’s Energy”

Telling Our Story

“America Needs America’s Energy: It is Time to Tell Our Story!”

“America Needs America’s Energy: It is Time to Tell Our Story!” is The Energy Advocates theme for 2014 and beyond. The official kick-off announcement was on December 4th when Mark A. Stansberry addressed the South Texas Wildcatters Association in San Antonio, TX.

Forty years ago, spring of 2014 will mark the founding of The International Society of The Energy Advocates. The Energy Advocates was founded in 1974 by a group of American oil executives in response to the 1973-74 oil embargo.

Today, as then, the organization believes that it is critical for those of us in the energy business to rise to the challenge and make a difference when it comes to energy issues.

In order to “Tell Our Story”, will focus its attention in the following ways:
  • Radio Show

    The Weekly Roundtable along with weekly Energy Advocates ads are already being aired on KFAQ AM1170, Tulsa and have been on the air for almost four years. We need this effort to Tell Our Story! (We have had interviews on the show with energy leaders- Mike Terry, Alex Mills, David Lawler, Robert Hefner III, Bob Tippee, Kurt Abraham, Michael Ming and Patrice Douglas, just to mention a few.)

  • Media Interviews

    In 2013, had radio show requests/interviews aired in over 30 States and over 150 radio stations. We need this effort in 2014 to Tell Our Story!

  • Editorials & Columns

    Currently, we have Weekly/Monthly Columns in seven newspapers, and recently had an op-ed in the Tulsa World. We need this effort in 2014 to Tell Our Story!

  • Books

    a book was published in 2013 entitled, “America’s Energy: Issues & Views, Vol. 1”, a collection of columns related to energy. In 2014, we plan to publish Volume 2. We need this effort to Tell Our Story!

  • Energy Policy Conference

    The 2014 IEPC will be held in Washington, D.C. during the fall of 2014. -- The Energy Advocates organization has been involved for many years with the annual energy policy conference. It is Important to Take Our Message to D.C.! (Note, The Energy Advocates organization has locations in Washington, D.C. and Tulsa, Ok. ) We need this effort in 2014 to Tell Our Story!

  • University Outreach & Roundtable Events

    A noted an example of our success- a student who had attended The Fund for American Studies program at Georgetown University and participated in one of the roundtables wrote: “I enjoyed the roundtable so much that it prompted me to enroll in a natural resources and environmental economics course. I am beginning to work on a research paper on how our nation’s energy policy should be structured and improved.” The student also sought Energy Advocate advice on the best texts and research to learn more, as well as insight on graduate schools and possible career paths involving energy policy. The student’s e-mail concluded, “The roundtable was one of the highlights of my time in Washington, D.C.” We need this effort in 2014 to Tell Our Story!

  • Scholarships

    The Energy Advocates organization has a history of providing scholarships. We want to continue this tradition. We need this effort in 2014 to Tell Our Story!

  • Social Media & Web

    The Energy Advocates has a good presence on Facebook and Twitter along with websites: www.energyadvocates.org, www.energypolicyconference.com. There are over 10000 followers on the America Needs America’s Energy Facebook page.

    America Needs America’s Energy and The Energy Advocates Need You… So That We Can Tell Our Story!

  • Decals

    America Needs America’s Energy decals and materials: thousands of decals were handed out in 2013. We need this effort in 2014 to Tell Our Story!

  • Film/Documentary

    A Film/Documentary is being planned, based on the book: The Secret of Sherwood Forest, (option for the book has been negotiated). -- Our energy industry for decades has provided energy security. The book describes how during World War II the British government, our ally, needed more oil to defeat the Germans. However, most of the oil they used was imported. Then oil was discovered in England’s Sherwood Forest, but the British needed America’s help because they did not have the technological know-how to drill and produce it. Under secret arrangements made in February 1943, the American government sent forty-four oil field workers from Oklahoma to assist. These employees from Oklahoma were known as the “Oil Patch Warriors”.

    The drilling team and four rigs imported from the US contributed significantly to the British war effort by boosting production at the field near Duke’s Wood from 300 barrels per day to 3,000 barrels per day in double quick time. By the time the drilling team from the two Oklahoma companies sailed home in the spring of 1944, they had drilled 106 wells. In honor of their sacrifice, a monument by sculptor Jay O’Meila was erected in the Sherwood Forest by The Energy Advocates, a seven-foot statute of a driller- the “Oil Patch Warrior”. Today, the American energy industry is working for America’s energy security! We need this effort in 2014 to Tell Our Story!


  • 6/26 – St. Louis, ...

    March 17, 2014
    The Energy Advocates will host an event on June 26, 2014 in St. Louis, MO. For more information on location, time, and ...

    March 16, 2014
    The Energy Advocates will host an event on October, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. For more information on location, time, ...
  • 10/23 OKC, OK

    March 15, 2014
    The Energy Advocates will host an event on October 23, 2014 in Oklahoma City, OK. For more information on location, ...
  • 11/17 – DC – ...

    March 14, 2014
    The Energy Advocates will once again be the host sponsor for the International Energy Policy Conference to be held on ...
  • 12/2 Tulsa, OK

    March 13, 2014
    The Energy Advocates will host an event on December 2, 2014 in Tulsa, OK. For more information on location, time, and ...


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